CLINICS: Subscribe and become part of a global collaboration! has a clear mission: Connect patients with clinics that provide options to patients with myopia.

To achieve this goal, marketing is required. That’s where we come in.

Subscriber Clinics pay a monthly fee to receive referrals from the website. Subscription fees pay for the collaborative marketing done by this website which attract visitors. Ultimately new patient contacts are generated for your clinic.


Our site does not charge “per connection.” Meaning we don’t bill the practice for every email or call you receive. Your monthly subscription fee entitles you to unlimited contact via the website. We do our bet to track traffic and contact details so that we may adjust our marketing efforts at the corporate end.


Our system provides the visitors to the site a call-in number with a unique extension which dials your office. We do this to monitor our performance:


A form collects the email requests and sends them to your email address on file. Your staff will receive the email, and contact the prospective patient with whatever communication you have scripted.

How it Works

Step 1

Once you create an account and SUBSCRIBE to our service via our monthly or annual subscription, you will then have the ability to build your listing.

Step 2

BUILD YOUR LISTING. It may sound complicated but it is literally a simple form to fill out. Prior to building your listing, it will be very helpful to prepare the following: You may always return and edit any time in the future.

  • Practice address and contact info
  • Practice hours by day of the week
  • Up to 12 photos that you feel visitors would relate to (gallery photos)
  • One main photograph for the main image for your listing (you’ll have a chance to crop/edit it online)

Step 3

We will review your submission, and confirm that your listing meets our criteria. You will also receive a CLINIC VERIFICATION FORM.

YOUR LISTING WILL NOT BE MADE LIVE WITHOUT YOUR COMPLETED CLINIC VERIFICATION FORM AND A COMPLETED PRACTICE PROFILE. This form is a basic affidavit that you will self-report as to the services and equipment your practice provides and/or has available to patients.

Step 4

Take advantage of the opportunity and promote your myopia clinic to your current patient base. We will send you a welcome package of window/door stickers. Also available is the Media Pack: a zip folder of images, and other resources you may use as long as your account is in good standing.

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