There are numerous opportunities for advertisers to take advantage of the growing traffic on the website.

Banners (Contact Us for Current Prices)

  • 300×250 banner on sidebar, top position
    • Initial rate: $/1000 impressions
    • minimum purchase 5,000 impressions
  • 300×600 banner on second position on sidebar
    • Initial rate: $/1000 impressions\
    • minimum purchase 5,000 impressions
  • 250×250 square popup
    • geo-targeted to one DMA
    • $/1000 impressions
  • General Ad Specifications
    • JPG or PNG
    • No animated gifs
    • All ads subject to approval by Company
    • Ads go into rotation with equal weighting until impressions are fulfilled.

Event Sponsors

Sponsors may participate by sponsoring events hosted on the site, as well as mentions in newsletters.

  • Pricing may vary: contact us for pricing.
  • Contact Us to obtain current advertising rates and additional details